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Your feelings are somewhat volatile today, Gemini. You're going through a lunar transit in your area of ??links and ideas and therefore, you can fluctuate in your opinions about your colleagues or siblings.

You could be sowing the seeds of conflict by giving yourself importance that isn't positive.

If your tendency to disperse and exaggerate your expressions continues, you'll generate negative reactions in your loved ones Gemini.

The way to attract the attention that these planetary aspects attract in you could cause anger and estrangement instead of affection and closeness.

Regarding your love life, these aspects of your life won't play a role today.

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You could do risky manoeuvres for your material safety based on speculation.

It isn't a good time for drastic movements or sharp changes. Your future plans must be carefully elaborated by weighing everything so as not to fall into possible self-deception or dreamy ideas of a reality that doesn't end up happening.

You may have believed that a job will give you more than you imagine and the time is coming to carefully evaluate what you have at hand.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign today is 40. According to numerology, this number shows you the need to define some areas of your life. It helps you to perceive the company of your spiritual guides as religious entities with which you feel identified or it might be a superior being who guides you. Put your choices in the hands of this superior wisdom.


Today is a bad day regarding emotional health as you'll tend to a certain melancholy or sadness. Your mood will be changing and you'll go from a euphoric emotional state to a state of sadness.

Think positive and leave insecurities out.