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Today your relationships can improve because your expression will be sweeter and you'll be very active and hopeful.

Gemini, you have many ideas that you'd like to apply with your partner and you'll have to find the space during the day to communicate what you want and feel so that the other person can connect with you and support you in your future plans.

The natives who have children will have to pay more attention to the needs of the little ones. Perhaps they have to listen to what they want to say through tantrums or problems at school. Seeking a conversation and a few moments of intimacy with them can help them a lot with their problems and at the same time fill your heart with tenderness.

Single natives will have a very romantic day in which dreams and imagination will lead them to discover what they want for their love life in the future.


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The natives of the first position will pay attention to the changes at work that could bring great concern and insecurity.

You're dealing with part of your past that returns so that you get back in touch with part of the truth that you didn't want to see.

Blessing changes means opening up to a new adventure Gemini. You should be very aware of how prepared you are to face new challenges and how good you'll feel when the time to do things comes.


A state of exhaustion or intense stress can affect your mental functions and impair your normal intellectual performance and excellent memory.

You're experiencing very intense days of change and renewal and therefore, the presence of Mercury in your health area will affect your nervous system.

You could improve your mood with natural aromas such as rosemary and lavender today.