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Today you can experience moments of great emotional intensity. Jealousy and the possibility of losing that special person will push you into a spiral of despair that you'll have to stop.

You can avoid this feeling using your great intelligence and your ability to notice reality and the different points of view there are.

You have been perceiving a certain distance and therefore, your reactions will tend to be rigid while passionate. If you choose not to hear anything people want to tell you and you refuse to diminish the strength of your claims, you might deteriorate your relationship forever.

If you're single and at the same time interested in someone, it's not a good day to force things, Gemini. You can take a break to be alone to feel your internal processes and connect with your feelings.

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If you have your own business and you're owed money, you have to try to get it back soon by all means.

You need to find an important amount of money to organise the payment of your debts and you shouldn't wait too long to get the matter going.

You may feel a financial stagnation that terrifies you and although you know that it won't last forever, it could limit your weekend activity.

You'd like to go on a trip or go out with friends and you'll probably have to stay at home or make cheaper plans. It's not fair since you have worked hard recently Gemini.

From this streak, you'll learn to anticipate problems in advance. Saving will help you protect yourself in situations such as the one you've experienced today.


You need to rest today. It's up to you to give yourself to what your body is feeling and take the day to recover from your discomfort.

The accumulation of problems and situations of sadness generate more fatigue than normal, so resting in bed while reading a good book or enjoying a film will help you feel better.