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When you wake up, you might feel paralysed by your fear of tomorrow. You have a lot on your mind and instead of relaxing and feeling what life brings to gratify your heart and fill your emotional needs, you waste your energy by mentally organising your home and the issues regarding your day-to-day love life.

Gemini, you need to learn to dominate your lack of concentration and your desire to escape through the branches of normal conflicts that everyone experiences, such as managing your expenses in common or planning what you'll invest your money in common on.

Single natives may feel a negative impact from the moon in Virgo, bringing sadness and self-criticism that won't help attract new love.


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Many concerns regarding your finances at the moment are founded and you've created others from thinking so much.

Mars will give you a lot of energy to conclude work issues that need closure. They might be things you need to submit and have been postponing or you may have to make some adjustments in the way you usually do your work, Gemini.

In any case, the presence of the colossus Mars does nothing but help you materialise the tendency to start new jobs or show off through your great concentration of intellectual or physical strength today.


The astral tendency shows weakness in your kidneys or sexual organs. Infections or irritation of these organs could lead to minor discomfort or more serious problems if you don't get proper checks and treatments. If you feel discomfort in the lower back, it may be a urinary infection, Gemini. Don't neglect your body and drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day will help you feel good.