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Your sexuality will be exacerbated by the action of astral effluvia in the early hours of the day.

The moon transiting the sensual sign of Scorpio invites you to spend some time together and having breakfast in bed can encourage you to display your most intimate gifts.

Don't avoid spending time with the person you love, Gemini. The annoying arguments of the past will be less important and you'll both be happier by connecting physically. You'll find a sense of dedication and understanding.

What you achieve today can help you build a more affable relationship with fewer conversations and a little more physical contact.

Communication is your thing, Gemini, but there are moments that get tangled up in words and you forget about the needs of your body.

If you're single, you may receive an unexpected visit from a former lover. Don't refuse to enjoy yourself.


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You'll receive an unexpected gift. A grandparent or an older relative will probably give you a family heirloom. It's an incredible present that although it may not have any material value, it'll be very valuable to you.

You'll feel that something in your philosophy of life changes because of this present and it inspires you to connect with your ancestors or your local traditions.

If you are planning to start a business, the stars show good profits with things like antiques, designer furniture, books and old objects, Gemini. If you want to sell these type of things, today is the perfect day to place an ad on social media or organise a car boot sale.


If you want to finish your week on a good note and start the one coming with a relaxed attitude, there's nothing better than organising a spa day at home. A good foot massage and a nice bath with drops of lavender or tangerine essential oils are easy and cheap ways of relaxing, Gemini.