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It's a magical day for most of humanity. It's Christmas and wishes for love and peace will fill your soul. On the other hand, the day begins with Mercury and the Moon in your area of ​​committed relationships. This means that you and your partner will be better prepared to discuss matters of the heart. You'll understand what other people feel better and you'll be able to communicate what you feel more clearly today.

The will be an eclipse when the Moon reaches the Sun tonight and you'll have to face a hard truth about your life. It could start a new cycle in your life from an unhappy event.

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Gemini, you should avoid conversations about family money by all means. Inheritances and the distribution of material things or simply the gifts that an older family member has given you can give rise to an argument that could ruin your Christmas family events.

Accusations and difficulties to understand the reality others experience will increase conflicts.

Let some time pass before you discuss these issues. Dedicate your mental energy to finding creative solutions to your problems, Gemini. Use the eclipse to connect with your own energy blockages when dealing with money issues. The year is nearly finished and you've learnt a lot about responsibility and persistence. Your understanding has expanded thanks to the combination of the movements of Jupiter and your Sun and therefore, you'll no longer make certain mistakes.


You will feel good although the sadness and doubt that some family members evoke might make you feel worse today.