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The natives of the third position will enjoy the encounter of Jupiter and Venus.

This astral movement happens every twelve years in that location of the zodiac and marks an astral situation that's more than profitable for you.

You'll see that communication difficulties dissipate Gemini. You'll be endowed with a halo of beauty and attractiveness today. You'll be able to communicate your feelings with grace and inner calm and for that reason, you'll receive a very positive response where you had previously encountered some opposition.

If you're single, you may meet someone who awakens your sexuality in a way that you have never experienced before.


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Pay attention to legal matters as well as issues regarding inheritance. If you're currently trying to divide property at court or selling a company, you'll receive benefits and you'll see the justice of the Universe come into action. You'll have what you deserve as long as you have been fair in the past, Gemini.

You'll live a karmic moment in which many issues will repeat themselves so you understand a lesson about your role in life and the way you share profits and losses.

Your efforts will be rewarded and the same, if you have evaded your responsibilities, you the result will come accordingly.

Taking notes will help you organise and comply with everything you've agreed to.


The astral tendency for your health today shows a special weakness in the solar plexus. Swelling in the liver, spleen and stomach are possible.

To avoid discomfort and help your body, stay away from copious meals and eating fried food. Choose natural and light foods, drink plenty of pure water and home-made broth, Gemini. You'll feel much better and your mind will be clearer.