Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Of all the signs, you're one of the most benefited today Gemini, along with your complementary opposite, Sagittarius.

The most harmonious planets visit your love area and bring many blessings.

You can trust that everything you've dreamed of will come true, even if you feel momentarily distanced, it'll bring good final results for you.

The stars show you tend to believe that you know what's best for you based on your imagination or ideas. The truth, Gemini, is that you limit your life when you get carried away by the left side of your brain.

It's time for you to open up to new things today. There are many ways for good fortune to reach your love life. Free your heart from conditionals.


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If you're expecting an answer from an interview, you'll receive good news today. The stars show an active trend regarding your career today.

Stellar energy is affecting Gemini natives very positively. This is especially true for those born in the first and second positions.

Communication is streamlined thanks to Mercury in Scorpio. You'll receive notifications and very valuable information will come to you so you can choose the best path regarding money and investments.

Don't get distracted when you use your computer. You tend to let your mind fly away with issues that don't bring any benefits to your life.

Leave distractions behind and concentrate your intelligence on what needs to be solved today.


Looking after your blood flow is imperative if you've been sitting for many hours or have a sedentary lifestyle, Gemini. Stand up and walk around for a bit as the lunar influence could cause discomfort in your ankles and legs.

This prevents swelling and fluid retention due to poor venous return.