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The natives of Gemini will have to be very careful regarding their emotional lives tonight.

The memories of past situations will destabilise your emotions or your partner's and you could be involved in an extreme conflict in which you go from being in an affable relationship to experiencing a very disturbing argument.

Understanding the importance of the past and letting the present take on the importance it deserves will be the lesson you'll have to learn today, Gemini.

The natives who are in a relationship will experience a passionate reconciliation thanks to the astrological stimulus in your zodiac area regarding your sex life.

If you're single, someone from the past may appear and lead you to relive old passions.

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If you're in the process of dividing assets or distributing profits with partners, today will be quite tense. It'll be very difficult for you to stay balanced and you could be abrupt or aggressive.

This Friday, the natives of Gemini will be challenged by the stars to show their negotiation skills and cold blood.

Listening to your opponents will help you find solutions that favour everyone and that will result in benefits for you in the long term.

You'll see how destiny starts working based on what you do.

The number of fortune the natives of your sign today is 44. This figure is very powerful and favours you obtaining material goals.


You feel very good. Your vital energy is optimal and you have a lot of mental strength that will help you meet all your goals for the day.

You'll know how to respect your physical and emotional needs and you'll eat and drink in a reasonable way today.