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The new moon is in your complementary sign and it's a good time to ask for wishes of well-being in your romantic relationships.

The moonlight continues to shine its favourable influence on the natives of Gemini. When our satellite transits the zodiac area of Sagittarius, the natives of your sign have a powerful help to enhance everything related to their relationship and love life.

Solving disagreements or emotional distance will be easier today. Communication will be more fluid and you'll talk about your feelings with great intensity.

If you're starting a relationship, be careful not to scare this person away by showing excessive enthusiasm. Remember that relationships are built step by step.


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It's a perfect time to get serious about your finances and study the possibility of cutting some expenses. You shouldn't cancel certain services or stop dining out at your favourite restaurant forever. But, Gemini, you understand what you need to do to organise your finances.

You already know from experience that if you mess up, you lose money like water from your hands. On the other hand, when you programme your expenses and define your priorities, everything flows better and you can even generate positive changes such as buying things you need or doing a weekend getaway.


The natives of Gemini stand out for how much they stress about things and their need for activity and intellectual stimulation. You've had too much work lately and many things are changing in your private world. This only increases your stress and fatigue.

You need to eat healthy food with all the minerals and vitamins you need to counterbalance the wear and tear of your routine, Gemini. Look for physical activities that help you relax.