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Today will be the last time in twelve years that the moon in Sagittarius joins Jupiter in your area of ​​relationships and marriage. It's a very exciting day because you can see what you want for your intimate life deep down with a magnifying glass. Who you want to live with and how you can carry out your family dreams.

This aspect, which will affect the natives of the third position more strongly, brings a great opportunity to get closer to the loved ones you're distant with or in conflict.

Your relationship with family members finds a space in which to relax and share feelings. Even your relationship with your children is nourished by this planetary moment. Your need to protect your loved ones will help you come closer and learn about their problems and desires.

Don't miss this opportunity, Gemini. You'll feel happy.

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You'll have to face an intense day at work.

You might impose on yourself to maintain a social image of abundance or peace while in reality, you're suffering the demands of loved ones, so you'll feel obliged to be on your guard and solve many issues in a short time.

All of this only increases the pressure you feel at work.

Write everything you need to do down in your diary. It'll help you organise your timetable and let go of some tension.


You have been thinking a lot and running around and therefore, you'll be exhausted.

You could expose yourself to accidents, but the astral aspects show that you're being protected by special energy that will prevent you from exposing yourself to dangerous situations.

Eating nuts like cashews, almonds and walnuts can make you feel full and provide the magnesium you need to avoid mental fatigue.