Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Take a break, breathe and trust that all the pain you've felt in the last few days will result in better moments in the future.

The stars show a tendency to understand the ephemeral value of mundane affairs and start to value the true blessings that come into your life every day.

Astral configurations will push you to start a period in which letting go of your past issues will be much easier than before. Little by little, you'll accept the certainty of the good results sharing brings, Gemini.

The natives who are in a relationship will discover a new aspect of being in a relationship: the freedom and ease with which they live this Sunday stimulate a unique sexual encounter.

If you're single you won't care so much about commitments or the type of relationship you establish but the experience of a continuous and happy present, Gemini.

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You're in luck today and you'll find a little treasure in an amazing place. Perhaps you find money you weren't counting on in a coat in your wardrobe. You may have the good fortune to look down and find a coin or a banknote.

Whatever comes will help you remember that abundance is closer than you imagine and that your dreams come true when you allow magic to exist.

Your lucky number for today is 7. This is a success and evolution number that's linked to "The Chariot" in tarot. Join lucky people and get the success you deserve.


If you want your legs to look good and feel light, you need to start walking more. Moving your body is as necessary as mental activity. Today you have to walk outdoors. Don't stay indoors watching TV.

Enjoy nature.