Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


If you're trapped in an emotional situation that causes you sadness or discomfort, you can feel some liberation thanks to astral influences. Many uncomfortable matters come to an end, Gemini.

This Friday, heaven shows a good predisposition for romantic relationships.

Today your sex life will take on a new dimension. You'll be very happy to share your intimacy with someone who stimulates your sensuality and invites you to awaken parts of your eroticism you didn't know about.

The natives who are in a relationship and those who are single will enjoy a very joyful day in which they can unleash their fantasies and leave certain prejudices behind.

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It's a perfect day to have a coffee with your partner and check your expenses and earnings for the month.

You'll be able to establish some patterns that lead you to optimise your finances Gemini. You might find a good app to help you with that. You may also find writing motivational phrases about saving down and hanging them on a mirror or at the entrance of your house helpful. This way, you'll see a clear slogan of the goals you want to achieve when you go out.

Your mind creates part of the reality you experience each day. Your achievements largely depend on the way you focus your attention.

Profit from Mercury transiting your area of ​​everyday habits and start doing visualisation exercises.


You'll feel very well in general. However, the stars show possible cramps or muscle injuries in your hips or legs.

If you're going to exercise, you shouldn't push your body too much to avoid tears and bruises.

Don't underestimate the importance of warming up and stretching each muscle Gemini. Your body will appreciate it.