Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


There's a negative astral influence in heaven for the natives of your sign. You may feel that some people are opposed to your emotional needs and that they require more attention than you can provide.

Gemini, your mood could irritate your partner who'll be very demanding and in great need of containment.

The natives who are single may find themselves in love with love, dreaming of an ideal relationship with someone from work or someone with authority. This relationship might only occur in your imagination, but you'll definitely be invaded by romantic thoughts.

Fantasies are characteristic of the astrological movements that are happening at the moment but don't worry, as this will last a few hours and you'll soon come back to reality.

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It's an ideal moment for you as you'll begin to reap what you have sown for such a long time and with so much effort.

Your financial situation could be better, Gemini.But when you see your chances of profit growth, you feel that everything starts to improve.

The stars warn you of the importance of leaving behind the tendency to see everything under a pink lens. This attitude is harmful because it leads you to think your problems aren't as serious as they are or to get excited about possible adventures that happen in your mind. This has led you to lose more than one opportunity to grow financially.

Your lucky number for today is 18. This number invites you to be more serious and wiser regarding all your affairs.

Wait to learn about all the details of an issue before doing anything and show a more mature attitude towards material issues.


If you're feeling recurring discomfort or symptoms today, you should stop turning a blind eye to them. Make an appointment with your GP before something small becomes a serious problem.