The moon enters your sign and therefore it'll feel easier to show your feelings and reach understanding in the field of romantic relationships.

Your sensitivity increases and you expect excessive understanding from your family today.

Single natives will tend to get closer to their friends and may even fall into the trap of communicating with en ex-partner in search of love and contention. Gemini, don't fall into that trap; you know that you won't find now what wasn't there in the past.

Falling into excesses of melancholy or states of sadness for no reason is easy with these planetary alignments. Remembering the past and your childhood should be useful for you and not a source of emotional distress.

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Excellent news arrives for the natives of Gemini. There's a lot of movement regarding your reputation and the way you interact with your boss and the authorities.

Your regent, Mercury, settles in your career area of the zodiac and attracts new ways of communicating into your life.

Today the natives of the first position might receive important news, letters, phone calls and emails can bring incredible changes for you.

The lucky number for the natives of Gemini for today is 59. This number invites you to discover the sense of freedom and the benefits that changes can bring. Your curiosity and your ingenious and creative intelligence will bring an incredible prize.


The stars show a tendency to fluid retention and stomach problems. They may be related to emotional discomfort or a tendency to stress that hinders your digestion.

You should eat lightly and slowly in a peaceful environment with good company today. Avoid arguments.