Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


A situation with third parties can overshadow your marital happiness, Gemini.

You won't want to share the energy or the time you have in your relationship. The demands of other people or the interference of those you consider your enemies can push you to live moments of tension or discussions that expose you to feelings you don't want in your life.

Jealousy, envy and suspicion could take over your bedroom today. Your phone or some messages can alter the mood even more.

Measure every word you say or write this Saturday. If you have to communicate with someone you love who you've argued with, it may not be the best day today.

There are very intense conditions in the sky that affect your sex life.

Singles have to take care not to initiate love affairs that lead them to suffer the consequences of a triangular relationship.

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Today you can see your bank account grow thanks to some money you weren't expecting: someone returns the money they'd borrowed, a gift or you simply find money that you had forgotten about inside a jacket pocket. That sweet surprise of finding a little treasure will make your day. It'll become an extra resource with which you can face an expense you had in mind.

Venus in your area of ​​shared goods can also lead you to count on the earnings of your partner and make you a little lazy.

If you have to fulfil some obligation, don't delay it.


It's an auspicious day to start some routines that will help you enjoy more physical well-being and bring aesthetic benefits at the same time.

Your youthful appearance will help you recover your health easily if you get ready to eradicate harmful habits such as tobacco, a poor diet or lack of sleep. Stay away from everything that wrinkles your skin and makes your life shorter, Gemini.