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A fiery person appears on the horizon of your life with a will of iron, determined to carry out their conquest plans and it won't be easy for you to resist.

If you're single it may be the beginning of a romance of those you won't forget.

It'll be a dream of an unlimited passion and enthusiasm that will lead you to fulfill your desires. You've been harbouring desire in your heart and the opportunity finally comes to fulfil it even if others believe that you've gone mad.

The moon in the air sign drives you towards new and different things. You can begin to experience an existing relationship in a more detached or distant way Gemini so that you can both have your well-defined space and freedom.


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You have elevated ideas when it comes to your intellectual projects and you'd like to share your enthusiasm with everyone around you so today, certain people may disappoint you with their apathetic responses. You'll want them to vibrate with your joy and they won't react well.

Monday is a complicated day for many who have jobs they feel no vocation for, but you can start the week with joy, Gemini, thanks to your taste for movement and intellectual stimulation.

You may face a conflict you weren't expecting today. Everyone is partially right in a fight in which you'll be involved.

If you're looking for a new job, don't forget to have access to your documents and references from other employers who have had the pleasure to work with you as you'll need them.


Your body feels harmonious and vital at the moment Gemini. The freshness of your outlook on life gives you the optimism you need to feel good.