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It's the ideal time to acquire greater freedom. You have a new life ahead of you and your actions in the present will determine the way in which it develops.

You've learnt a valuable lesson in love. You know that you can't go from one thing to another without defining your goals. That way you lose control and end up with nothing.

Loneliness is very hard for the natives of Gemini. It saddens you and makes you complain a lot. You can reach happy and full internal states through your close relationships with friends and loved ones.

Start a new stage that requires greater awareness on your part. Taking control of your choices is the most important thing you have to do today.

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Don't be negative or envious at work. Karma doesn't wait today. The consequences of your actions will come instantly.

If you're looking for a new job, today things won't go as you wish. All your affairs will be difficult. You may not be able to get to an interview on time or there might be a misunderstanding with the person in charge of interviewing you.

Take note of everything, take a notebook with the things you shouldn't forget. You'll be a little dreamy or distracted and you could complicate your life unnecessarily, Gemini.


Your fantasies will lead you to want to go back time as if by magic and you won't be able to change how you look even if you go to all the beauty technicians in the world, Gemini.

Of all the signs, you're one of those who seem younger than you are but that doesn't mean that the years don't go by for you.

Drinking plenty of water, not smoking and resting eight hours a day will be part of the best treatment for your skin, Gemini.