Your charming words will sound like the song of the sirens to the person you love. You'll feel like cuddling and spending time together.

Having dinner at home, watching a romantic film or looking at each other silently in the candlelight will be your preferred activities. The truth is that the stars will bring a dose of tenderness stripped of specific thoughts. You just want to feel the heartbeat of the person you love without thinking about the future or the past.

Single natives could receive a very tender invitation from someone who doesn't especially stand out but is very attractive and intelligent.

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Today is one of those days where difficulty turns into opportunity and even if you find it difficult to do everything you'd planned, you'll have more than enough time.

Gemini natives who are looking for their first job can count on receiving good news. Relying on your good luck helps your CV seem more attractive. This way all the good things come to you.

Leave fear and grief behind. There are many things waiting for you and while they arrive, you should stay open-minded and learn new skills.

It's an excellent time for Gemini natives to start studying. Knowledge is encouraged by the stars.


The natives of air signs are especially prone to suffer from nervous system problems. You should start monitoring your daily behaviours if you want to counteract that weakness.

Gemini,did you know that there are nutrients that improve your nervous system? The foods that contain vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and other minerals help your mind stay active and maximise your performance. Adding nuts and whole grains to your diet is a good option.