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You might be especially susceptible today, Gemini. It seems as if you could read your partner's feelings or the feelings of that person that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. The flutter of your romantic thoughts doesn't stop and you discover that love is by your side and is purer than you imagined.

You'll meet a very spiritual person who considers love one of their top priorities and who won't stop until they make you happy. It's someone who can show you the path that leads you somewhere where you recognise your true needs.

Your heart asks for the sensitivity you need to achieve the harmony you so desire. Listen to your heartbeat, forget about your thoughts for a moment and just feel.

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Take the momentum Mars gives you from your business area and embark on a new adventure in terms of sales.

Developing a new way to present your products or services is quite fun for you. You'll embark on a challenge for your intelligence that'll bring excellent results.

Profits will come as a result of your previous efforts, Gemini. You'll carry out the plans you'd drawn up a while ago with confidence and after a while, you'll achieve good results.

Don't argue with anyone this afternoon, it won't make sense and you'll lose time and energy. Avoid unpleasant moments. You need to feel good and cheerful to get ready to get in touch with new customers.

A bad mood and bitterness won't attract good things and you know it. A good mood is contagious and everyone wants to approach those who radiate positive energy.


You feel in top form Gemini. You'll be very happy since your vital energy is abundant. If you have to eat out, be careful when choosing your food. There are astral aspects that could attract poisoning or allergies.