How proud you are of your partner will manifest in many ways but in particular, many natives will be discovering a special feeling when it comes to their sex lives.

What you experience today doesn't resemble what you've experienced in the past with other people. You're discovering a part of your personality that you shouldn't ignore. The messages that reach your soul are as important for the growth of your relationship as for your own.

If you're currently single, you might be the protagonist of a crazy story that will make you feel better than ever in your own skin.

Today you're very desirable, Gemini.

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Although work doesn't seem very hard today, it's best that you take time to organise the documents that accumulate in different spaces. This way, you'll feel relieved of having organised everything when the week starts.

The stars encourage a tendency to loss or confusion that will last for a few days. Preventing these problems is the best way to take care of your career.

By keeping workspaces tidy, your mind also organises itself and sets new priorities and desires.

Many of your goals have changed in the last few months so thinking about what you really want is essential


Today you might find out about new diets, types of exercise and other routines that could help you have a healthier lifestyle.

Although you've heard about new green trends, today's a perfect day to find out about the details of a life philosophy that you find very attractive.

Pluto and Uranus in good positions encourage changes and letting go of some habits that don't do you good.