The moon continues to favour your emotional world and therefore, you'll have the courage to accompany your loved ones in their needs. If you live in a large family, you'll be willing to make certain sacrifices, Gemini.

When the moon joins your sun you find a special harmony between your feelings and your needs. It won't be hard to give your energy and time to those family members who need your protection such as the elderly or children. They might invite you over for a party and you can enjoy time together.

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You're in a position to free yourself from things that drain your patience and you have already given too many opportunities in recent times. Change is possible when you're certain that it's what you need.

Many Gemini natives are being urged by energy movements to start being more mature in their careers.

These movements might make you find yourself in a situation of emptiness due to losses or profound changes.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 4040. This is a repeated number that will attract the need to elaborate a work plan in which you give your all: your effort, your motivation and your reliability will be an important contribution to overcome the challenges you experience today. Don't leave your destiny to chance.


You're in a positive moment regarding your health. There are no major problems and the projection of the energy of Mars drives you to boost to your movements and therefore, you're likely to suffer small injuries.

Be careful, breathe slowly and deeply to organise your energy and help your soul, Gemini.