Gemini Horoscope Sunday
Your Gemini Horoscope for Sunday | Magic Horoscope


The Moon is settled in the sign of Virgo and from there, it’ll take you to a complex mood. Melancholy and introversion could make you miss parties or experience a family gathering that will be very difficult for you to enjoy.

It’s very difficult for you to feel good if you observe yourself from impossible parameters that always make it seem as if you don’t make the cut. Instead of making some space for communication, you may focus on talking about yourself and not hearing anything people have to tell you. Think about what you need to shine as you deserve Gemini.

Someone you know well will approach you with the intention of becoming friends.



It’s a very good day to organise those messy drawers in search of what’s important. Throw away documents, notes, buttons, promotional material, expired medication and all that occupies the space that has to be occupied by more important things.

Cleaning your house is a necessary energy purification that has the blessing of the stars today.

When each object at home goes back to its place or is used for what it was intended, you feel much more efficient and free of unnecessary weight.

Making some improvements or changes will lead you to boost your productive capacity.


Just as things happen at home they happen with yourself, Gemini. Its time to experience the delicious feeling of fullness that can result from devoting a moment to each part of your body.

 You could start with being aware of your muscles, the bones that make up your back and neck and the way they move and this way, you’ll be able to perceive where you accumulate more tension and once you’ve found out, you can massage your skin with oils and then have a nice hot bath. Good health is born when you acknowledge your feelings Gemini.