You'll be very successful in your relationships as long as you open your soul and your heart and free yourself of pessimism and your fear of commitment, Gemini.

You've often projected your childhood problems in present situations and that has hurt you a lot. Most of the times you lose the opportunity to enjoy love it's because you think too much and believe that everything will lead to limitations or losing your freedom.

Today it's time to think with your heart, Gemini. Not everything is hurt when it comes to love. You can't change the things that have already happened, but there's a new way to go that will give you many satisfactions.

Venus and Chiron in Aries will lead you to heal old wounds and enjoy love with your body and soul.

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The natives of Gemini have to face some material issues related to family life this Sunday. Check your finances, evaluate your budget, discuss certain expenses related to general well-being.

An important change could take place regarding real estate, inheritance or money in common.

Everything related to managing property and family matters will feel central. Your attitude will determine if it's a positive thing.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 18. This number shows you how very changing you can be when you get carried away by your insecurity. Determine your desires and seek to fulfil them with joy.


The stars show that you can take care of yourself and do a lot in favour of your physical well-being if you take care of yourself.

On weekends you're more likely to eat or drink too much. You shouldn't get carried away by the habits of other people with different physical conditions.