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The fire of passion is noticeable when you're with the person you love and therefore you'll feel very attractive even if no one knows how to respond to what you radiate.

If you're in a relationship, you'll feel that love stands out in conversations and the way you look at each other, Gemini. If you have to make a decision, you may find solutions that suit both of you and take you to the common good.

Single natives might meet someone who's very sexy and active, endowed with a lot of energy and a powerful character. You may feel very attracted to this protective figure, Gemini because you feel like a child that sometimes requires limits and care lives inside you. Evaluate the risks before giving them your heart.

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You may be surprised at a proposal from a partner or friend. They'll offer you to earn money by deceiving other people or doing illegal things. That isn't for you, Gemini, the salesman in you leads you to exaggerate the virtues of your products, but there's a great difference from doing that and just telling lies.

You'll have distance yourself from liars and conmen that could negatively affect your reputation, Gemini.

Magic Horoscope warns you of the danger of lending money today. You might not easily recover what you lend today.


Trust the wisdom of your body. Your body knows the ways to let you know that it needs your attention, Gemini. Therefore, if you feel any persistent pain or discomfort, pay attention to your postures, to what you've eaten in the last few hours, and to the people who were near you.

Your body tells you about physical matters but also emotional things that could be pointing out your dislike for someone around you.