Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You have to consider ending certain relationships that are on the way to becoming dangerous. You can see how your relationship stagnates and the only thing that worries you both is money.

They are usually very recent friendships, which came into your life not long ago and with whom you’ve experienced very intense moments. Now you realise that they aren’t the way you thought at first.

You may now remember certain people. When travelling to a past life, you’ll realise the importance of your school friends, those who have never failed you and who you lost touch with time.

Don’t just let things be; try to recover them.


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Discovering the shortcomings of other colleagues at work will make you feel more confident. However, what’s really important is completing the projects you’ve been entrusted with. You can’t allow the future of the company to be up to you.

As for your finances, you start to focus on the really important issues. Did you know that you pay for television or internet services that you hardly ever use?  You’ll contact the companies to cancel your subscription and find other cheaper solutions.

Everything that is associated with a Virgo will make you feel very comfortable. You can trust them as if they were a sibling Gemini.


You’re always concerned about the health of others, now is the time to pay attention to some annoyances that have been dragging on for days.

You also have to listen to the people around you from time to time. Although they don’t have medical knowledge, they see you’re looking a bit down and they want you to be back to your good old self.

You have to eat in a healthier way, avoiding ready-made food, as well as eating out at pizza and hamburger places. Your body can’t take so much fat in such a short time. There are no excuses like lack of time since you have a couple of hours every day to cook something that tastes better and is more nutritious.