Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You become more idealistic and your intuitions are powerful regarding love. You see everything more clearly and you understand that the differences that may exist between your partner and you are what makes you so happy.

You have the feeling that you would get bored if the two of you were more alike!

That goes for those who have a happy relationship. But if you’re not happy with your partner and distrust some of their attitudes, you may think about putting an end to it because you’re realising that what seemed like a realistic project is actually closer to a daydream.

Make new friends if you’re single. It never hurts to meet new people with whom to go out for a drink, to the theatre or to see an exhibition. Your talkative ways will be useful in many circumstances, Gemini.

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There’s a slightly elated atmosphere that can distort your perception of reality and encourage you towards excesses or recklessness regarding your money.

Don’t trust the apparent ease to make a fortune, since someone might be trying to cheat you out of your money with businesses that, they promise would fill your pockets almost magically.

The secret of success will be in the details: strive to make sure your negotiations are thorough, being very mindful will be important, and don’t trust your intuitions at all, at least today.


Looking at yourself in the mirror, you’ll appreciate the passing of the years and you’ll think about how to fight them.

To begin, worry more about your diet. Eat foods that have antioxidants (tea is wonderful, especially green or white tea) and moisturise your skin. Eating well is synonymous with health and beauty!

If you see imperfections like small spots, don’t try to pop them in any way. There are natural remedies to reduce their presence or even to make them disappear.

And remember that clean skin that’s free of make-up and cosmetics will always look more beautiful because it suffers less abuse.

Going through cosmetic surgery to get some work done shouldn’t be your first option; at least, if you don’t intend to continue taking care of yourself afterwards.