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Sometimes you make important life decisions without even asking your partner about it, and that can feel real bad. Don't think twice and sit down to share your future plans with them. It would be a serious mistake if they found out from someone else.

It's true that in certain occasions your shyness can be your worst enemy, especially if you don't want to worry your beloved, but they'll probably be thankful if you act honestly and don't hide information from them.

As hard as you find it to believe, your partner could help you too and even sort out some of your most concerning issues, so count on them for anything you want.

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Today you'll be quite reserved and think hard and deep before you spend money. You're perfectly aware of the fact that at some point you'll have to face an important payment, and you'd like to keep some cash stashed away in your account.

You shouldn't avoid all the small pleasures of life either, especially if you've already got some sort of safety net at the bank that gives you short-term stability.

It's obvious that you're perfectly careful with every step you take financially, and that you don't want to go wrong or have debts with people, because this strategy gives you a feeling of independence that not everyone can enjoy.


Doing some running around the park will make you much more calmed and relaxed. Start at a gentle pace, and increase intensity as minutes go by.

Aside from exercise, it would also be good if you had a lighter diet, particularly with more salads and fruit smoothies, because they help you cleanse your body after a time of much excess.

Before you go to bed, you need to turn off all your electronic devices, such as phones or computers. If you don't, they could keep you awake and it would be much harder for you to go to sleep.