Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Resentment is a dark feeling that dyes your soul black and blocks off any incoming positive vibrations to start off 2019 with the right foot. You're filled with excitement and hope for the arrival of positive things, especially emotionally speaking, but all you hold in are negative feelings.

To start off, it might be a good idea to cleanse those negative vibrations around you, but you should especially come to terms with the idea that you need to be quite careful this start of the year to keep the friendship of those who are loyal alive.

Besides, regarding love, you'll find that your relationship isn't as smooth sailing as you thought, and that true love is a delicate flower that you have to patiently and delicately water every day.

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During today, you'll feel especially inspired, especially when it comes to mental tasks, but you'll also feel physical exhaustion and like you're not capable to respond to everything people expect you to do. Don't be too harsh on yourselves.

Some rumours around the office will pound your alarm about certain betrayals and decisions that harm your work, but remember that what you hear isn't necessarily true. Don't get alarmed if you shouldn't, and don't patch up before there's even a wound there.

In fact, even if you had a rough start in love, when it comes to your finances, the stars are in your favour, and if you can stay calm, collected and in control enough, you'll be able to make it work for you.


Passion and excess might make you not only emotionally, but physically fragile as well, and that demands you to go back to your regular life as soon as you can. Of course, that isn't just up to you, and it isn't that easy, but you need to restore good habits to help you get it done.

You'll slowly feel your body going back to its usual work and rest routine, and that's a good thing. As for everything else, don't punish yourselves too hard: that's what the holidays are for, to enjoy and celebrate.

All in all, you'll enjoy some strength you need to keep up, and you have to gradually bring your body back into the demands of everyday life. Optimism will be a strong asset that you can use.