Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Gemini, today you’ll wake up in a bad mood and ready to argue for any reason. All your messages are loaded with honesty, so if your partner isn’t able to put up with it, you might find yourself arguing about the most trivial of things.

Instead of talking about what worries you when it happens, you’ve accumulated the problems and now you’ll end up exploding. You’ll say everything that bothers you about your partner.

Singles live in a fantasy world. They think they have options to conquer a person just because they talk to them or because they are able to understand each other well for a moment. Don’t take everything so seriously. Love isn’t the thing that will change your life. Just try to be nice, but this person won’t be interested in your heart. You have to accept it before receiving a new disappointment.

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It seems that money grows on trees around you. Everyone makes important purchases, cars or homes, but you settle for what you have. You’re in a good position where you feel very comfortable and nobody can move you from there.

You’ll be happy doing your work and even if you receive a pat on the back as a sign of good work, you know that you can never pay attention to external praise. Instead of simple gestures, it should translate into salary raises or more days off.

You’ll receive a call to find a job for an acquaintance, but you won’t lift a finger for fear that they won’t work as hard as they should.


You’re obsessed with discovering new foods, especially from abroad, which you’re told bring a variety of positive benefits. However, you don’t have to go far to benefit from the properties that certain products have, such as fish, meat or vegetables from your area.

Try to find a balance so that your diet is as rich and varied as possible. As much as you like meat, you can’t just eat that all the time.

Don’t get obsessed with finding tea or juice that makes you lose the weight you need to lose in one go. You have to be realistic and realise that weight loss will require a greater sacrifice.