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Bumping into a person from the past will make you smile. Don’t discard the possibility of having a relationship with this person again, but as friends this time and as the days go by, it may end up in something more serious.

Although you don’t believe it, you’re excited again and you’d be willing to open your heart despite the latest disappointments you’ve experienced. You think that from now on, everything will be different and love will be on your side. Gemini men who are in love are fun and passionate.

Those who already have a partner will enjoy a very calm day, without major upsets. You leave a difficult period behind and you’ve realised that starting from the beginning is worthwhile, as if nothing had happened.


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Think if working so much to earn more money is actually worthwhile if you don’t have time off to spend it. You’ll receive a very interesting proposal to change your company, but it will require you to move to another city and change your life.

You can be happy with less money, it’s just a matter of planning better and getting rid of certain unnecessary expenses. You can buy clothes to renovate your wardrobe every other day.

Everything that you have at home and you no longer use can be put to good use by others. Why don’t you choose to sell these things online to get some money? When cleaning at home and in the storage room you’ll see all the treasures that you accumulate.


You should do some spring cleaning at home, especially due to the number of mites and dust that accumulate in certain rooms. Gemini, believe it or not, that may be one of the reasons for your continuous sneezing.

Opening up the house every day to let the fresh air in is also important, even if it’s only ten minutes.

You use headphones at a very high volume quite often to listen to music and even though it has no consequences for your health at the moment, you might have hearing problems in the future. It’s a question of prevention that you’ll be grateful for with time.