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There are some aspects that obsess you in your love life, especially regarding your family. You and your partner can have different aspirations and your interests will clash in a somewhat explosive way today.

Differences may arise on the subject of children Gemini. One of you will want them to choose their path for themselves and the other will want to interfere in personal decisions, about studies or the company they keep. There may also be differences if one wishes to have more children and the other doesn’t.

Singles won’t be feeling very bright today, in part, for fear of responsibilities. And you’re aware that a romantic relationship involves many headaches.


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You’ll be very weak Gemini. You’ll easily fall into temptations of useless expenses. Purchasing items that you really don’t need in your day to day will be your weakness, especially if you shop online.

Because when you use your credit card you have the feeling that expenses don’t exist Gemini, that money doesn’t leave your account. You’re so wrong and you’ll find out soon (when it’s a little late).

Just in case, find out if your purchases can be returned for free. You may find it interesting to get your money back, right?


The truth is that you don’t really want to take care of yourself, Gemini, but luckily, there are people who love you and care about your well-being around you.

They’ll give you a lot of love and encouragement if you’re fighting a disease or if you’re recovering from an injury or from medical intervention. They’ll teach you that giving up is never an option and that you have to fight to get ahead.

Some lucky ones will be in very good shape and could make the most of the day to do team sports because they enable you to improve personal relationships while moving your body in a beautiful way and working on reflexes.