Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Commitments seem harder for natives in general and for singles in particular. You want to disappear when someone you’re seeing asks for more (and you won’t feel like giving it to them).

You think you’re not in a position to commit to anything. You’d like to think and pay attention to the signs of the universe regarding your love life. The feeling that the person of your dreams is close is very intense, but where?

As a couple, the present shouldn’t worry you, in any case, you should be concerned with the future: you have to be dynamic so that the waters of the common spring don’t stagnate.

Of course, don’t allow anyone to make decisions that only belong to you.

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You’re capable of finding solutions even to problems that haven’t yet appeared. The tightness of your budget doesn’t cause you any panic and although you feel tired throughout the week, you can expand your universe.

Your budget will be easy to stick to: you’ll find a few negatives to your proposals (although perhaps in the future, someone will complain that you haven’t behaved according to their criteria).

The weather makes you impressionable for collaborative and chain jobs. However, don’t be fooled by dominant partners or impertinent bosses, Gemini.


You find books about meditation and currents of thought that allow you to achieve greater spiritual growth very interesting.

But if you want to feel better about yourself, try to make life easier for others, doing your part to make the world a better place. For example, visiting an elderly relative who lives alone or going to the doctor with someone who doesn’t have full mobility.

It’ll be a good day for your health, Gemini, especially if you take full advantage of the positive aspects of the Sun. Don’t close your blinds completely and let its rays be the ones that wake you up instead of the alarm on your mobile phone.

Continue with your diet if you’re on one: don’t look for excuses because it’s the weekend.