Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 10

Your horoscope for Wednesday
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Today is a good day to put an end to jealousy. You can’t be following the movements of your partner all day. They need space and to be with other people that aren’t you.

Why don’t you trust them? They have never given you reasons to think ill of them. It’s also not a solution to spy on their phone, especially since you won’t find anything and they won’t find it pleasant.

Even if you’re one step above others, it would do you good to admit your mistakes and apologise to others when you make some kind of mistake. It would be a very nice gesture on your part that others would also appreciate.


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You need the help of more people to carry out all the work projects you have. You don’t have time or knowledge to do everything. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from people around you.

Those who already have a business going need to introduce new technologies in their companies, especially because they’ll increase their sales with online commerce. It’ll be an important investment, but the expense will be worth it. Think of it as a way to get ahead of the competition and customers will appear in other parts of the world.

Don’t leave all the payments you can make today for later. Laziness often overcomes you, but you shouldn’t be leaving everything for the last day.


After a day of excess, Gemini, it would be good to detox your body. Don’t make the mistake of not eating or only having liquids. You can add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, and in a matter of hours, you’ll start to feel lighter.

Forget about the smoothies and chocolate bars that are advertised as meal replacements. The key to staying in shape is to eat in a healthy way and to not take soft drinks, cakes and processed foods.

Try to eat different things so as not to get bored and eat something every three hours so you don’t feel hungry.