Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Aren’t you going too fast, Gemini? The stars tell you that you’re going down the path with huge steps, worthy of a giant and that you bring the pace down a bit.

In your relationship, the foundation should be made stronger before continuing to build; and pay attention to the small cracks, which are the worst.

You’ll also have to tear apart part of what you had already built inside your home so that the pillars can be stronger (and agreed upon). Don’t leave your dream of happiness half-built!

Among the singles, there will be restlessness for the person they desire, since they’ll notice their rather lost look as if they were thinking of something else.

What if you call and propose a coffee, as friends, so you can ask what’s wrong and see how you could you help? There will be time for the arrival of love.


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The desire to find a new career path will obsess you today and therefore, you’ll expand your circle of friends, your contact list, according to your possibilities.

There are a thousand ways to do it! In person, attending congresses or exhibitions, or simply, browsing through social media. There are some specific ones to get in touch with people who do the same as you.

Pay attention if you get advice: take it into consideration if you really want to write a different future from this moment on. May your dreams and desires not be forgotten or your desire to achieve them, Gemini.


Drinking water will be important, not only because of the heat (August is being terrible in many places in the world!) but to help your kidneys do their job too.

It’s important, above all, that you avoid not drinking for several hours, perhaps because of a busy job and you don’t have a minute to have some water. There are no excuses when it comes to your health!

Check how much you urinate and the colour of the liquid and in case there’s something you don't like during those visits to the bathroom, make an appointment with your doctor.