Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You spend a long time with your partner, and that can be counterproductive sometimes, especially if you ever break up. You've made the mistake of abandoning your friends, and it'll take you some serious work if you want to get them back in the future.

Try to meet up with them again, even if it's just to get updated on how your lives are going. It'll make you very happy to see them again, especially if you get good news.

If you tell your partner about this, they'll probably understand. You both need some extra freedom to be with other people. Your relationship could even come out stronger.

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Tarot cards prove that today is a perfect day for betting. However, you should invest small amounts of money only. You won't need to spend much to make quite a lot of money.

Don't make the same mistake from other times, and avoid being so selfish, you could spend too much and lose everything you've got. You need to fall back on time and avoid being manipulated by anyone.

Whatever money you get will help you increase your capital. You'll stash it somewhere safe until you actually have to use it, whether for a repair or a trip.


Geminis, you're never comfortable in your own skin and body. However, you can brag about having great health. There's always someone asking you about how you stay in shape. You know what's the real deal: a healthy diet and some exercise.

Those creams you've been using as of lately help out a lot too. It's obvious you enjoy taking care of yourselves and looking good and pampered in front of others. Did you know that people around you think you're younger than what you really are?