Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Your presence is much more inspiring and enlightening than you think, but you've fallen prey to a confidence drop that stops you from seeing your true power. With the help of your partner, if you open up and explore your inner selves, you'll find your potential as a lover.

You can make many people happy just by being your happy, nice selves. Especially your partner, if you remember the happiest moments of your romantic adventure.

People around you need you, Geminis, and they want you and your overwhelming energy back.


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Geminis, your business atmosphere is kind of thick and energy isn't flowing around the right way. You feel paths blocked and storms clashing against you. You need to row your financial boat twice as hard, and when you want to trust your intuition, it usually takes you to the wrong places.

Mistakes take a price, and today it can be really cruel, so don't make risky choices. But don't close off into inactivity either, because having a negative trend speeds up your fall.

Being hopeful that you'll recover and optimistic enough to believe that a time for chance will come is going to make everything move faster, and the time to grow again will come around more easily. Commercial tasks and transactions will be your weakest point.



At the most critical stage for those of you who are prone to fall into temptation, today's a good day to take on the challenges given by your romantic relationship, job and finances, and to get your mind going with productive activities that can keep you busy.

Your strength and impulse are a good engine to take you down the right path and become stronger and more determined in your renovation process. Today there'll be times when it'll be hard to say no, but admitting to your strength gives you an extra dose of individuality.

Watch out for home incidents, Geminis, because any foul step or wrong move could cause you to get a cut, concussion, sprain or fracture.