Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Single Geminis often go wrong in love because of their impatience. You meet someone, and just a few days later, you want them to be your partner.

Before that happens, you need to have many more dates and encounters, so that you can get to know them all the way. Also, keep in mind that you're not the only ones setting the pace; the person you're getting to know and gradually discovering also has some power to make decisions.

It'll be a very calm day for any of you who are currently in a relationship. You'll take a chance to travel, meet new places and share quality time with your families. Your relationship is getting stronger every day. There's nothing to fear.


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You use your free time to do some online shopping. Before you give your purchases the thumbs up, make sure you really need what you've chosen to buy.

You shouldn't be fooled by appearances either, because there's many items that look really good but as soon as they get to your home, you'll be very disappointed because their quality will be much lower than you expected.

Try to control your expenses, especially if you pay by credit card. Besides, you could save lots of money if you weren't so impulsive and compared prices in different stores, because it's quite likely that you find your favourite items at a better price.


You feel your back is getting increasingly painful, as if you had a bag full of rocks on you at all times. Maybe, when you sit in front of the computer or go watch TV on the couch, you don't have the best position you could have.

Try to get as straight up as you can, and watch your neck gestures. The most immediate solution would be to get a massage, but it wouldn't be that bad an idea to start meditation practice.

The cream you apply over the affected area will only soothe down the pain for a few minutes, so it won't be very efficient.