Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 11

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The natives of Gemini benefit from the influence of Mercury, and those in relationships that are just starting out will go the right way.

You’ll live in a permanent dream from which you won’t want to wake up. You look forward to finishing work to see or call them. It seems that you can’t live without them and that the time apart feels like forever.

On the other hand, singles of this sign will be in luck because they’ll find suitors everywhere. The road of love has many bends, but they’ll know how to drive with great skill without leaving the road. You don’t want to have any more mishaps when it comes to love.

Being faithful is not one of your best skills, but if you find the right person, you are able to leave everything for them.

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Throughout today, you should leave a project that you had in mind. No one seems willing to finance your ideas and without money, it’s impossible to get it going. Keep knocking at as many doors as you can in search of help.

You’ll have to make many efforts, starting by giving up leisure activities that take an important part of your savings. You can’t trust everything to luck or the money plant, because even if it gives you benefits, it won’t make you a millionaire.

Those who have a stable job should run away from the rumours going round in the company. Important changes are coming that may affect you in the future, but until you receive an official confirmation from the bosses you won’t worry.


Be more prudent when participating in social events. When it comes to meeting up with friends you’ll drink more alcohol than you can tolerate and the next day you’ll regret it. You’ll have to get rid of an upset that’ll haunt you throughout the day.

You’ll need to be alone and you’ll avoid contact with people. Your face betrays you and you don’t want to be seen in those conditions. Try to get some fresh air and don’t lock yourself in the house.