Gemini Daily Horoscope |


Settling is one of the main mistakes made in love. Feelings are alive, dynamic and mutable, and you shouldn’t believe that falling in love with the person you want is everything you have to do until you die.

So, continue working on making life as a couple better and more fun, making laughter your medicine, achieving the best soundtrack for the film of your life together.

As a single Gemini, you’ll appreciate that you’re evolving, that what used to make you happy now seems like little, you want more. You don’t want to settle for what lies ahead, you want to go further, find emotional purity.

You know that destiny is written by each of us in our own handwriting, and that for things to happen you have to move, participate actively. When Cupid throws arrows, he finds you on the street, not in your bedroom.


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Work causes you headaches, literally and figuratively. Your personality is too overwhelming and the fear of feeling bored makes you get into numerous projects and obligations.

Admit that they are more than you could do and that that’s why you are so stressed.

This Sunday is very good to make an offering that allows money to come to you. Do you have a picture or a figurine of Saint Pancras? Then put fresh parsley in front of it and you won’t lack resources or money.


The stars have previously given you a wake-up call about certain attitudes that you had to change to look after your health and you’ll notice the results of your actions today.

Bravo for you, continue with that momentum! You have begun to walk the best path you could choose.

Don’t be overwhelmed if the fatigue of previous days doesn’t disappear, you need a little more time. If you can afford it, spend the day in the sun, with good juices and freshwater near you, filling you with the energy that the sun gives you. It will be very good and also extremely cheap!