Gemini Daily Horoscope |



From time to time you need to be alone. As comfortable as you are with your partner, you also need to socialise with other people. Try to open up and tell your partner about your needs.

The planets will get on your side so that you can meet new people. Don't hesitate to join activities and courses to connect with people who have very similar interests to yours.

However, you should try to avoid all individuals who have foul second intentions. You'll spot them as soon as you see them. They'll come out looking like fantastic people, but they're actually quite different.


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Geminis, if you're self-employed, you'll finally be able to show your full talent. Up to now, you depended on others and were practically castaway and isolated from making important decisions. It was a good choice on your part to start up a new project.

You can get great profits if you decide to put some estate you're currently not using up for lease. It's important for you to know how to properly manage everything you own.

By the way, before signing anything, you need to double-check it and read it twice, especially the fine print. Someone will try to trick you in order to steal money from you, so you can't be too trusting.


You can't start the day on an empty stomach. That would be a serious mistake. Even if you're not hungry as soon as you're up, in just a couple hours you'll start feeling hungry, and you've got a very demanding day ahead of you today.

You need to start giving nutrition the importance it deserves. Sometimes it's out of comfort, and other times because you run out of time, but you'd rather eat something fast and oftentimes unhealthy.

If you feel slightly overwhelmed about an issue that's been troubling you, don't hesitate to keep your mind busy, and you'll manage to make your worries a little less transcendent.