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Friday comes in with a special gift from the stars: the arrival into your life of a new stage of love and passion with your beloved. It might be a brand new romantic adventure for single Geminis, or renewed love if you already have a partner.

Also, there's chances of matching up a much more mature relationship with the classic passion of beginnings, and successfully so. Thus, you can enjoy the most exciting part of love without ever giving up on the depth needed for every long-lasting romance.

These days, you might feel slightly distant from your friends, but you can find support and comfort in your partner's arms.


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The stars are giving you a special sense of clear-mindedness to sort out the stickiest situations that come up at work. This will make others respect you and look up to you. They'll admire you because you can solve the hardest tasks with unusual ease.

Don't forget you can be an important influence for people around you, but this positive energy can only stay for the ride if you use your strength and clear mind for good, trying to improve your environment.

Getting comfortable on a pedestal of pride and dictatorship where you try to meddle around at all costs while feeling more important than others creates a negative field around you that could eventually take its toll. But you have a kind soul, Geminis; you just need to show your true colours.



Getting passionate about your job or a project in particular, or just living life to the max with that classic vitality of yours, could bring you trouble all the same. This Friday, you might experience serious distress if you don't measure your energy.

Being too active might make you get into accidents that keep you out of the game for a few days. Fractures and sprains will force you to stay in bed for days on end, and then, you won't be able to enjoy your hobbies as much as you'd like to.

In that sense, the stars encourage you to be cautious and avoid risky situations. Enjoying life and feeling active, constantly moving and with your heart pumping with adrenaline, can still be safe and secure.