Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 11

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All the advice that your partner gives you is with the intention of helping you improve, so don’t take it as criticism. To improve in life we ?have to listen to those who love us and follow their instructions.

Gemini, if you haven’t found love yet, you shouldn’t despair. It’s just a matter of you opening up a little more and showing yourself naturally to people. That could be your business card.

You have to know that there’s no impossible series of love stories that you’ll never have access to, especially if that person is already in a relationship or a person by their side who makes them feel complete. They would never leave their partner for you, no matter how many qualities you have.


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You have to pay more attention to payment deadlines for some taxes or fines, especially if you don’t want to be charged a surcharge that wouldn’t make you very happy.

What you should do is not leave it for the last day and the sooner you pay it, the sooner you’ll take that burden off your shoulders.

Don’t get too obsessed with work, partly because no one will appreciate the efforts you do now. You’re very committed to the company, but it seems that the boss can’t say the same thing about you. The promise of salary increases never arrives and that can make you despair. You have to talk to them to clear the doubts you have.


The small pleasures of life are what really make you happy, such as enjoying an afternoon with your family or eating a piece of cake in the afternoon.

However, today there will be something that will tarnish a very calm day. You’ll see how a person who’s close to you suffers injustice and you’ll suffer because you won’t be able to help in any way. It might even make you cry.

No matter how hot you feel today, be very careful with the air conditioning. It’ll hurt your throat, leaving you unable to talk for a few hours. Use natural remedies to put an end to the discomfort in this area. It’s just a matter of keeping your neck warm and drinking tea with honey with lemon.