Gemini Daily Horoscope for March 11

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You're trying to find someone who is very similar to you, but that's not always the most advisable solution, because you might clash on many issues.

Your best choice is to go for someone completely different that becomes your missing half. They'll probably help you experience completely new sensations. Right now, you can't close the doors of your heart to anyone.

There's many people in your friend group that you find attractive, but you prefer to avoid any sort of romantic relationship with them. You'd rather have them as friends for a long time.

Trust your possibilities a little more and start socialising with new people, especially at social groups and parties. You're much more attractive than you think.


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The stars' alignment will allow you to enjoy a day with many lottery wins. Just by betting a little money it'll be enough to get high earnings.

However, Geminis, don't entrust everything to luck. Once you've managed to get a considerable amount, you need to stop betting and get out of all gambling. Sometimes an excess of ambition can lead you to lose everything.

You should think about how you'll invest that money, because it'll definitely help you to have a calmer week with a few treats here and there.


Any change that comes along your day could ruin your plans. You're the kind of people who love routines, and when your initial plans get changed, you end up feeling really uncomfortable.

Try to get up early and have a strong, heavy breakfast, because you've got an awfully long day ahead of you, filled with meetings and clashes. Because you're so busy, you probably won't even have time to look at your watch, and the day will just fly by.

In any case, don't skip meals, because your mind needs to recover from all the effort you're making. Nuts will be your best ally to stay full of energy in your lowest points.