Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 12

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Be careful, Gemini! Distrust passionate and unknown love experiences. People who are so intense from the first day you end up overwhelming you.

You need to start the relationship from the base, without haste and knowing every detail of your life.

You fear that you’ll be cheated on again like in the past, that’s why you want to take your time. What you want is a person who has hobbies that are very similar to yours and is able to listen to you.

You have tried by all means, with blind dates and social media, but you can’t find your better half. Are you sure that there’s nobody around you that’s what you look for in a partner?

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When you least expect it, money appears. Check the pockets of your jackets and purses well. You might find a note that you had forgotten about or thought you’d lost and you’ll be very happy to find it.

You’ll turn to your friends in your search for a job. There’s a vacancy that might be perfect for you at the company of one of your friends. You’ll have to compete with other candidates, so it won’t be simple.

Don’t expect anyone to give you anything. Show yourself naturally and don’t talk about certain jobs from the past that you aren’t exactly proud of. If you don’t get this job, they’ll give you another chance at another company. Don’t get discouraged by it.


You’ll notice how fatigue takes over your body when you’re most busy, especially if you work in the hospitality industry or in trade. You spend a lot of time standing and your legs begin to suffer. You’ll notice how they swell and no matter how much you sit down, you don’t recover.

The only option is to take a cold bath when you get home. Once you lie on the couch, try to put your feet up to help blood flow.

It’s evident that you’ve had a very demanding week when it comes to your physical body, you want it to be Saturday already to sleep all the hours your body wants and without having to worry about time.