Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You want to do things that favour mutual pleasure within your relationship, that favour reconciliation between household members.

Venus greatly favours reconciliation even among those who have broken their story not many days ago. The most sincere looks will allow you to remember why you fell in love, what triggered the spark between you so long ago.

The need to do very long-term projects with a travel companion that still refuses to appear will appear among singles. You were recently disappointed in love, but today the stars give you a new opportunity to love again.

You decide to take advantage of the treatment that the universe gives you without questioning anything. Bravo, take every opportunity!


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You’ll want to buy and consume in a somewhat uncontrolled way. If you start a shopping day, you’ll realise that there is not much to buy. Don’t try to create false needs with items and objects that you don’t need at all!

In addition, time is precious and necessary to waste it going from shop to shop, don’t you think you can use it in more useful activities?

Agitation gives way to a gentle serenity within your work environment. Gemini, you’ll prove that you can fulfill your obligations without getting excited or making additional efforts to obtain a profitable and brilliant result.

You trust your instincts and lead a satisfying social life in which you make new contacts; some of them will allow you to go from a chrysalis to a butterfly regarding your finances.


The stars predict great positive changes in this area. You have invested time and effort in improving some aspects of your health and nothing will destabilise you today.

Moreover, there will be temptations to stray from your path, but you’ll be able to say that there are things that don’t interest you in the least with a lot of discipline. Above all, if they are substances that could create addictions or dependence.

Confusing situations are not for you and you feel uncomfortable with some people. Get away from them, you really don’t have to justify yourself, your independence is not negotiable, just like your values. Your attitude is very wise, don’t hesitate.