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One of the main reasons why your relationship is stuck is that you think it's all about stability. However, a steady relationship has no spark to it if we forget that passion is still an essential ingredient to love.

It's not enough to love somebody, Geminis, and you've forgotten to show your love lately. This weekend, you've got a good chance to dust off that romantic, punctillious Gemini inside you that used to win at love with a tremendous power of attraction.

It's best not to forget that keeping love alive is harder than winning it over. A flower bouquet, a poem or a romantic dinner could be a nice first step.


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Today more than ever, you should remember the old adage of 'brains over brawn'. By keeping your mental skills more developed than the physical ones, analysing tasks and using common sense, you'll save yourselves from working too much and getting too tired.

This could be a mighty productive day too if you use your intuition and clear mind to create some financial strategies. Set your numbers straight, see what's coming in and out, and think about the best way to balance things up and get extra profits as soon as possible.

Think, reason, devise and even fantasise, because you won't always have this special sense of clairvoyance. Now's the time to profit from it.



That distressing joint pain doesn't only make you more pessimistic (because your physical state affects your mood), but also creates a feeling of physical blockage, and it's stopping you from carrying out your life as usual. The least exercise you do, the worse your joints are getting.

For this particularly distressing issue, you should keep this in mind: exercise can strengthen the muscles around the joints, thus ensuring their stability. The consequences of injury-induced arthritis or joint pain require exercise.

A perfect choice would be swimming, because aside from strengthening your muscles, it avoids making you wornout, such as running can do. Another low-impact, highly productive sport is cycling. A nice stretch will also help improve your joints.