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Your expectations to find happiness in love were scarce today, but thanks to the stars, you’ll be able to go down a fun path, which will allow you to approach someone who’s very similar to you.

You’d always heard that in order to fall in love, you had to look for someone totally who’s completely different to you, but you know that it’s not true, since the important thing of life as partners is to share hobbies and the way you think.

There are opportunities that you can’t miss. Gemini, if you really feel something special for the person in front of you, do everything you can so that they don’t leave.

Partners will experience a lot of harmony and passion, but there may always be a past story that unleashes the anger of one of them.


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You don’t manage to communicate well at work, which can take its toll later. Your boss can’t understand everything you want to say and that can be counter-productive for your future.

Maybe you’re not in the best moment to innovate, especially because you don’t have everything you need to put the ideas that come to you into practice.

Gemini, you should always keep your distance when dealing with certain clients, no matter how much you trust them. Don’t forget that you’re in a business and that everyone should see how well you treat people, whether they’re friends or not.


You’ll be hungry in the morning or in the afternoon at snack time, but instead of eating your usual snacks, choose to eat carrot sticks or an apple.

You waste too much time thinking about problems, instead of getting to work to solve them. If you don’t fix them, nobody will do it for you.

Although you start your day with a lot of tension, try to relax from lunchtime onwards. Take a nap, practice some sports and meet your friends to finish the day on the right foot. When the night comes, you’ll surely feel much happier and you won’t feel so negative about everything.