Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 12

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Even if you close yourself to love, don’t dismiss the possibility that someone may appear in your life that makes you change your mind. As bad as things have been in the past, each person is different and can bring you something new.

You’ve been waiting for someone like that for a long time and now you can’t miss this opportunity, which isn’t available to everyone.

Of course, you won’t make things easy for them and if they want to win you over, they’ll have to do it with more than nice words.

It will be easier for those who are in a stable relationship, who can speak without sex or love taboos making things more difficult. Although they don’t consider it essential, they do believe that intimate relationships contribute to the proper functioning of the relationship.


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It will be a favourable day for those who have a career in trade and sales. You’ll get a new client who could make your week with a very bulky purchase. Of course, don’t take in into account until they’ve paid your invoice.

You’re usually good at negotiations, especially with people you know well, who are able to listen to you and understand your needs.

For businesses in which you’re going to involve a relative, you have to let them know from the beginning that you won’t make any exceptions. When there’s money involved, you don’t care if someone is an acquaintance or a relative. For you, everyone is the same, no matter how many blood ties there are.


You usually resort to chocolate when you’re feeling stressed. You sometimes eat a lot of it to calm that anxiety. There’s no problem if you just do it once, but if you make it a habit, you may start to gain weight and then it’ll be very hard to lose it.

Gemini, after finishing your work for the day, all you want is to get home and rest in your favourite chair while watching a film or reading a book. No matter how much call you or ask you to go out, you won’t listen to anyone. You prefer to be on your own and relax.