Gemini Daily Horoscope for March 12

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Even if you consider it mere entertainment, to people around you love is no game. Start taking relationships more seriously, especially because you can't go around breaking hearts as you go.

You never know if you'll have to come crawling through a door at some point, so try to be honest with everyone. If you really don't feel anything about someone, let them know from the beginning.

If you're already in a relationship, you'll have a spicy day in bed, suggesting games that will make things a little warmer. Still, be very careful with some of your comments, because they could hurt your partner.


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After a while, you've finally made a sale happen, possibly related to estate.

From now on, you can breathe and not feel so overwhelmed. In any case, you definitely know what's going to happen to that sale money. First off, it's time to sort out your debts with friends who loaned you money some time ago, and with banks where you have a credit or two.

By the way, the stars have a warning for you about your dangerous race through life. You spend more than you need and can end up broke in no time. Take the appropriate measures to avoid that nasty situation.

If you look around you, you'll probably find someone who went broke because of poor financial decisions, so learn from their mistakes.


You're worried because you don't feel too agile. Geminis, you might not have started your week the right way, and that's putting extra weights on you.

If you try out any new sports, at least try to avoid full body contact, such as is the case of karate or boxing, because just one blow could give you bruises for days.

And if you've quit any of your addictions, whether they're connected to food or smoking, stay on this track. You're taking the right steps to get over it. You've probably found a replacement that's helped you through the process.